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Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival - Full Explain by

Philly's historic Franklin Square celebrates its 10th birthday this summer using the Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival, a thrilling seven week nightly glorious inspired by the conventional lantern festivals held to observe Chinese New Year.

Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival - Full Explain by

Date of Lantern Festival

  •  2018 :  March        2th
  •  2019 : February   19th
  •  2020 : February   8th
  •  2021 : February   26th
  •  2022 : February   15th
  •  2023 : February   5th

How To Celebrate Philadelphia Lantern Festival

Alongside Square staples such as actually the carousel and miniature golf, the guess is going to be treated to a 200-foot Chinese dragon, more than 25 attractive blossom displays, and lanterns created specially in China for your event. Guests are also able to enjoy daily crafts, performances, and inspired cuisine, all curated by local artists and chefs. The Lantern Festival is that a Chinese tradition celebrated on actually the fifteenth day of actually the first month is actually the lunar calendar to indicate the final day of the New Year celebration. 

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For another seven weeks, displays in the forms of dragons, pagodas, and terracotta warriors are going to illuminate the night each evening at Franklin Square. This is the very first time that a lantern festival of its type will be exhibited from the Northeast USA. We would like to think that Benjamin Franklin would have been amazed at the lights of the event, says Ai Lou, CEO of Tian Yu Arts & Culture. Tian Yu Arts & Cultures 20 artist spent six weeks creating and assembling the 28 displays together boasting 15, 000 LED lights. When Tian Yu contacted us thought what a terrific way to observe, says Amy Little, President and Chief executive officer of Historic Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival 1- Full Explain by

By bringing the link that we've always had with Chinatown here we get to observe this wonderful cultural light now to June 12. The festival also includes actually the dramatic performance art of face changing, actually the art of instantly changing vividly colored masks handed down through generations in Sichuan opera. Artists also demonstrate skills with conventional Chinese crafts such as an ocarina and word sculpt on a stone that has been passed down from one generation to another. When Franklin Square opened in the year 2006 we had been so excited to have something similar to this from our backyard, says Carol Wong, Director of actually the Chinatown Learning Center. From the beginning, they had Tai Chi is actually the morning and we've schools such as mine coming here to enjoy actually the park.

History of Philadelphia Lantern Festival China

There are numerous starting points about the Lantern Festival. One said that it was started from the Taoism. It is called Shangyuan Festival as per the Daoism. 'Shang' alludes to the paradise. On the day, families should love the Heaven Officer of Taoism and improve the house with lights to get wellbeing.

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Another said it is related to a Buddhist legend. As per the legend, the fifteenth day of the primary Chinese lunar month was the day that Sakyamuni vanquished the evil spirits. So to honor the day, lamps ought to be lit. Since the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220AD), the custom has been prevalent. The Emperor Hanmingdi requested every one of the sanctuaries and families should light lamps on the night of the day. From that time on, it has a custom to light lamps for the celebration.

Time to praise the celebration and traditions vary in various periods. In the Han Dynasty (202 BC - 220 AD), people celebrate it for one day. In Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 AD), the day preceding and after the celebration was likewise the occasions to celebrate. In Song Dynasty (960 - 1279 AD), people had five days to spend the festival. It endured from the eighth day of the primary lunar month to the seventeenth day in Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644 AD). Lighting lanterns are the main custom during the above times. While, in Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911 AD), albeit just three days to praise, exercises like a mythical serpent and lion moves, arrive pontoon move, strolling on stilts were included.

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