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Beautiful Islands of Mainland Greece -

Towards the country's beauty is also unconquerable, since the beautiful islands of Mainland Greece and cities with many people secrets about revealing, and a good infrastructure for tourism.

Beautiful islands of mainland Greece -

It would be interesting to read the routes for Europe, in addition to the traditional ones, both in terms of the cities with the ends of the cities, outside the great sequence from the command of the capitals and big cities, and also plans to work, within these big cities, with tips for those who want to reach the largest number of places with interest.

Greece and Thessaloniki

For ancient Greece was not formed a united state. For ancient Greece, and includes for the southern section of the Balkan Peninsula (Greece, the inhabitant of Europe or continental), the Aegean islands (Greece from the islet) and towards the coast of Asia Minor, towards Greece, towards Asia).

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There are several cities and places that deserve to get in a leaf since the route of which is to travel to this Europe, It is difficult to know along where to start, through where to go and along where to end. Any history of Ancient Greece, which requires caution in consulting with sources.

For ancient culture left a lot from sculptures, palaces, temples, and artistic elements that belonged to Ancient Greece. The difficulties were toward normal towards a stranger in a dissimilar country, but zero could upset that our happiness is traveling to Europe.

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Considered one of the oldest cities in the world, the site is already prominent phase in Ancient Greece. In studying this Greek history, we have to learn that in Ancient Greece it did not form along with a single, concentrated state. Even Pentecost of the apostles' time is repeated in Thessalonica.

The most beautiful architectural monuments of ancient Greece were the temples dedicated to abundant gods. The conception of popular government in which humanity citizens can determine above the way to govern the State was born in ancient Greece.

These two races are together, this Greek culture or the old, and has built cities in the largest section of the territory of Greece since today.

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