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Ram Navami : Commemorating The Birthday of Lord Ram -

Children in India are very fond of listening to tales from the Ramayana. They fondly call him 'Ram Bhagwan' as they recollect by heart the interesting episodes in the life of Lord Ram. Ram Navami is the popular Hindu festival. Celebrated across North India during the ninth day (navami) of Chaitra. This day falls generally in the month of March-April. Ram Navami is very sacred to the Vaishnav sects of the Hindus. It is also celebrated for nine days called 'Vasantha Navratri'.

Ram Navami : Commemorating The Birthday of Lord Ram -

Who is Lord Ram?

Lord Ram is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Son of King Dashrath and Queen Kaushalya, Ram was born to battle with invincible demon Ravana. Ram went to live in the forest for 14 long years. His wife Sita and brother Lakshman followed with him during the banishment period. In the forest, Sita was abducted by Ravana, which resulted in a great war between Ram and Ravana. At the end, aided by a band of monkeys, the most loyal of who is Lord Hanuman, Ram, killed Ravana. Ram completed his period of exile and came back to Ayodhya to rule the kingdom.

Ram Navami Celebrations

Just like all Hindu festivals, Ram Navami is equally celebrated with high religious sentiments.

Ram Navami :1 Commemorating The Birthday of Lord Ram -

Ram Navami at Ram Temples

The festive mood is ubiquitous in all Ram Temples across India, especially in Ayodhya. These temples are beautifully illuminated and decorated with colorful lights and rangolis. The marble life sized idols of Ram, Lakshman and Sita are embellished with silky and shining clothes, precious stones and jewellery and flowers.

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Rejoicing The Birth of Ram at Noon

A night before Ram Navami, devotees stay awake singing devotional songs and anticipating the birth of Lord Rama. They offer sweets, flowers and fruits. The priest reads selected chapters on Ramlila of Ramayan. The actual Ram Navami celebration begins at noon, the birth time of Lord Rama. Here,a mini cradle is unveiled amidst the chanting of aarteis and Bhajans rejoicing the birth of Ram with a loud ringing of the conchs and bells. At the end of the prayers, the priest performs the peace chant with a sprinkle of consecrated water. Thereafter, prasad normally fruits and sweets are served to the devotees.

Ram Navami Fast

Many devotees observe a special 'Ram Navami' fast on that day or for nine days. They abstain from all kinds of odor-food items like garlic, onion, turmeric or onion. He or she can have potatoes, fruits and root vegetables of any kind. However, Curd, tea, coffee, milk, and water are also permitted.
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