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The New Orleans Mardi Gras ( Fat Tuesday ) Festival -

Scotty E. Kirkland Alabama - Mobile's Mardi Gras celebration remains an integral part of Alabama's Gulf Coast culture and was the first in America. When Mobile was a colony Mardi Gras was observed. Tens of tens of thousands of Alabamians and visitors come to take part in the parades, which are sponsored by societies constituted of members that are secret. Presiding over the revelry are queen and a chosen king, who are choosing from among the societies. From the parades, audiences take part and catch trinkets and candy thrown from themed floats sponsored by the mystic societies.
The New Orleans Mardi Gras ( Fat Tuesday ) Festival -
The New Orleans Mardi Gras ( Fat Tuesday ) Festival

Mardi Gras Festival History

Mardi Gras is a festival which simplifies the Lenten period and begins 40 days before Easter. The title is French for Fat Tuesday, that's the last day of feasting and merriment and pertains to the practice of eating a calf. Mardi Gras celebrations came to what Alabama. He also recorded the observance of Mardi Gras in Mobile. Men in all the camp marked all the occasion with feasts, dancing, and a night of masked revelry. The annual parties of all the festival continued as control of all the city passed out of the French into the English and the Spanish and lastly to the US in the 1803 Louisiana Purchase.

Mardi Gras activities remained an integral part of social Party in south Alabama, but the festivities weren't held throughout the traditional pre-Lenten period. The first American celebration was held, rather, on New Year's Eve in 1831, when a cotton agent named Michael Krafft and some of his buddies held a spontaneous parade through downtown Mobile carrying rakes, cowbells, along with other farming implements. When all the young men's motive behind all the revelry was contested, Krafft wryly replied that they had been all the Cowbellion de Rakin Society, formed to celebrate all the coming year. The Cowbellion Parade became an annual affair with Costumes, Masks, and, by 1840, themed parades.

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The New Orleans Mardi Gras ( Fat Tuesday ) Festival -
The New Orleans Mardi Gras ( Fat Tuesday ) Festival -

By the 1850 s, several had migrated to New Orleans, where they continued their traditions. The Cowbellion Society was all the first of what will be many such organizations, that became known as mystical societies because their membership was secret. Women also were excluded. Working-class Mobilians soon formed their very own societies, however. Mobile's Mardi Gras festivities resumed unexpectedly all the subsequent year when Joseph Stillwell Cain, a local clerk as it a former member of all the Tea Drinkers Mystic Society, led a parade throughout inhabited city dressed as a literary Indian named Chief Slackabamarinico.

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