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Up Helly Aa Scotland's Viking Fire Festival -

Up Helly Aa alludes to any of an assortment of flame celebrations held every year in the Shetland Islands of Scotland, amidst winter to check the finish of the Yule season.
Up Helly Aa Scotland's Viking Fire Festival -
Up Helly Aa Fire festival

Up Helly Aa Fire festival in Shetland Islands

The Viking invasions, about 700 A.D. Brought the greeting of Ves hill into the northernmost coast of Scotland evolving to Waes thu hael, meaning, be entire or good health. The response was beverage hail, meaning; I drink and a good is on you. In the Anglo-Saxon era, the greeting had evolved to individuals traveling from home to house bring great dreams and carrying an empty bowl. The master of the house was anticipated to fill the jar with hot spicy ale and after that, it'd be passed around to the Wassail carolers. The Shetland Islands and the southerly neighbors the Orkney's were a part of Norway before 1472 if they were ceded to Scotland in lieu of a royal marriage dowry.
When: Last Tuesday in January
Where: Shetland Island, Scotland
Why you should go: This is Europe's biggest fire celebration, finish with the burning of a full-scale Viking ship.
Up Helly Aa Scotland's Viking Fire Festival 1-
Up Helly Aa Scotland's Viking Fire Festival -
The most glorious example of their Viking heritage is exhibited annually with the Up Helly Aa Fire festival. Up Helly Aa Fire is descended from the early festival of Yule that the Vikings held to celebrate the revival of sunlight. Yule, or more exactly Jul is a Nordic name for that the pagan feast which proved to be celebrated in the middle of January. The Nordic nations still have the early word Jul and while its source and actual meaning is uncertain, the word could be traced back some 2000 years. The word occurs in variants from Germanic languages and therefore it is believed that the Jul party was a common Germanic feast.

Yule is also known as that the Winter Solstice. Activities at Midwinter were meant to make sure that the season will be renewed and the days would start to grow longer again. Greenery was brought in to decorate homes - evergreens to symbolize the promise of lifespan to come, mistletoe, thought to hold the lifespan of that the host tree even as it appeared to be dead and holly and ivy, symbols of male and female, both necessary for a new lifespan. Up Helly Aa Fire is traditionally held that the last Tuesday of January. As opposed to private homes as with past, amusement halls around town provide suitably extravagant Norse style hospitality.

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