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Banff National Park Alberta - Gem of Canada -

Banff National Park is a remarkably stunning park in Canada situated across The Alberta British Columbia border in also the Rocky Mountains and just one and a half hours. The park includes pristine wilderness, exceptionally stunning pure beauty, lots of wildlife, a wide range of hiking paths, breathtaking lakes, and mountain views. As well as the enchanting mountain town of Banff, with historical buildings, distinctive local souvenir stores, a big choice of restaurants, and gorgeous scenery surrounding town. The atmosphere was calming and serene. This park is a spectacular and beautiful gem in Canada. I decided to revisit this gorgeous park last summer, although I'd camped and explored in Banff when I was younger during a road trip with my family.
Banff National Park Alberta - Gem of Canada
Banff National Park Alberta - Gem of Canada
My Journey to Banff National Park Alberta
Starting at my home province of Manitoba, we drove for 14 hours and arrived on our day in the city of Banff, shortly. We spent the mid-day browsing the souvenir stores and a drifting town of Banff and ate a lunch. Though our accommodations were in Canmore, another peaceful and enchanting town we spent going on hikes in the Banff National Park and researching lots of places.
Further Reading: Banff or Canmore: Where Should You Stay? Here's my guide to Banff National Park as well as the city of Banff what to see as well as do as well as where to hike according to my 3 days of explorations there.

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The town of Banff is located 128 kilometers west of Calgary and is about an hour and a half drive. What To See as well as doing at Banff - Banff National Park is a magnificent Canadian stone and there are plenty of intriguing and distinctive things to see and do while you are there.
Banff National Park Alberta
Banff National Park Alberta
Here are some of my favorite things to do during my 3 days in Banff. Explore also the Charming Streets and Beautiful Nature from the city of Banff. The town of Banff is a pleasant, bustling as well as enchanting city with tall and gorgeous mountains surrounding it on all sides. This town is the center touristy in Banff National Park and it's where many people choose to stay. You'll find spectacular pure beauty and landscapes around and inside the town and it's a gorgeous place to explore. There are pretty views of also the Bow River while standing on also the bridge that runs through it in town. The streets in the city center are lively and usually full of individuals and activity.

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