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WELCOME! Dear Readers. We Provide the Largest Database of Indoor and Outdoor festivals. Our Main Market is all the World. Our goal is simple: to have a one-stop place for you to find out about great festivals and Events.

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Traditional Festivals in the World. Here you can see any type of festival details and history.


 Festivals are a Celebration of Life and Festivals are numerous in the World. A festival is an occasion of enjoyment and celebration. It brings gaiety and mirth thereby strengthening our bond of relationship and friendship. These festivals also promote social interaction and harmony.

A festival is an occasion conventionally celebrated by a network and focusing on some trademark part of that network and its religion or societies. Usually set apart as a neighborhood or national occasion, mela, or eid. Next, to religion and legends, a noteworthy cause is farming. Sustenance is such a crucial asset, to the point that numerous festivals are related to collect time. Religious remembrance and thanksgiving for good collects are mixed in occasions that happen in fall, for example, Halloween in the northern half of the globe and Easter in the southern.

"Festival" was at first used as an enlightening word from the late fourteenth century, getting from Latin by means of Old French. In Middle English, a "festival dai" was a religious occasion. Its initially recorded use as a thing was in 1589 (as "Festifall"). Devour originally came into use as a thing around 1200, and its initially recorded use as a verb was around 1300. The expression "devour" is likewise utilized in like manner common speech as an equivalent word for any expansive or expound dinner. At the point when utilized as in the significance of a festival, frequently alludes to a religious festival instead of a film or workmanship festival. In the Philippines and numerous other previous Spanish provinces, the Spanish word party is utilized to mean a collective religious devour to respect a supporter, holy person.

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